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Four rules to help you identify high-quality hotel furniture

Four rules to help you identify high-quality hotel furniture

Kevin https://www.zhongsenfurniture.com/ 2023-04-26 11:48:00

Generally, no matter what standard suite furniture is, its functional requirements and furniture composition are basically similar. Not only sleep and rest are required, but also the function of writing and the storage of small luggage are required. Suite furniture generally includes: bed sets, writing desks, luggage cabinets, TV cabinets, leisure chairs, tea tables, bedside tables, etc. So how to choose hotel suite furniture? You can start from the following aspects:


1. Make sure structure is firm
Check whether the mortise and tenon joint is tight and whether the structure is firm or not by placing heavy objects on the furniture or lightly shaking.


2.Material must be suitable
Different furniture has different surface materials. For example, the legs of tables, chairs, and cabinets will be stronger and can bear weight, while other materials can be used for the internal structure. The thickness of the wardrobe door is usually about 2 cm, if it is too thin, it will be easily bent and deformed. The cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom cannot be made of fiberboard, because the fiberboard will expand and be damaged when it encounters water.


3. Joints of veneer furniture are strict
Whether it is pasting wood veneer, PVC or pasting pre-painted paper, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the leather is pasted smoothly, whether there are bulges, blisters, and lax seams. As far as wood veneers are concerned, planed veneers are better than rotary cut ones. The way to identify the two is to look at the pattern of the wood. The texture of the sliced veneer is straight and dense, while the pattern of the veneer cut by rotary is curved and sparse. For furniture veneered with particleboard, the ground part must be edge-sealed, otherwise the board will absorb moisture, swell and be damaged. Generally, the corners of veneer furniture are easy to warp, you can buckle the corners with your hands when selecting, if it rises as soon as you buckle, it means that there is something wrong with the glue.


4. Moisture content of wood
The moisture content of hotel furniture should not exceed 12%. If the moisture content is high, the wood will warp and deform easily. Consumers do not have testing equipment when purchasing, so they can use the method of touching by hand, touching the bottom surface of the furniture or the unpainted interior, if it feels damp, the moisture content is at least 50%, and it cannot be used at all. Another way is to sprinkle a little water on the unpainted part of the furniture wood. If there is no water soaking or the soaking is slow, it means that the moisture content is high.