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Tips for custom made hotel furniture

Tips for custom made hotel furniture

Kevin https://www.zhongsenfurniture.com/ 2022-09-03 16:33:15

Because of the hotel room area and design style, hotel furniture is generally custom made, only in this way will not waste any space in the hotel, and the furniture style able to match interior design. Which methods, and what to pay attention to when customizing furniture?

1. When the hotel furniture is customized, if the customer hastily confirmed the plan, various unsatisfactory places will be found in the final installation process. The immediate result of being sloppy is taking a lot of responsibility for yourself. Therefore, in the process of customizing hotel furniture, we must take the design scheme as the key research object.

2. When choosing hotel furniture customization skills, you must compare the price, because the material is different, the price will also be very different. For the same dining table, the price difference between solid wood furniture and board furniture is more than 1,000 yuan.

3. When customizing hotel furniture, also pay attention to the rationality of furniture use. Hotel furniture should consider support, practicality and beauty. The furniture should be customized according to the needs. If the furniture is only made according to the pictures on the Internet, it may appear crowded in the hotel space. This consequence is caused by being unprofessional and overconfident.

4. A more important point is the selection of materials. There are more than ten kinds of tree species usually used in solid wood furniture, such as beech, teak basswood, pine, etc. Among them, beech, oak, and ash are the most valuable, and the corresponding price is also will be more expensive. We recommend that you choose ash wood furniture, which is not only strong enough but also lighter.

5. It is not that more hotel furniture you place, the better. Unnecessary places can be filled without furniture, which not only reduces the cost of furniture, but also reduces the difficulty of installation. If too much furniture is placed, some may not be used in the future. It is a waste, try not to do it.