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The classification and quality identification of hotel room door

The classification and quality identification of hotel room door

Kevin https://www.zhongsenfurniture.com/ 2023-04-07 11:14:33

    The hotel room door is one of the functional accessories of the hotel room. The wooden door of the hotel furniture manufacturer has a greater relationship with the furniture, wall paint, and window covers in the room. When the room environment is in warm colors, the wooden door can choose a warmer color. color. If the room environment is in a cool tone, you should choose a wooden door with a lighter color. The wooden door should be closer to the color of the furniture, and should be as consistent as possible with the window cover, and have a corresponding contrast with the color of the wall. For example, when using a white wooden door, it is best to paint the wall with color, so as to give the room a sense of hierarchy and avoid confusion between the door and the wall.


Classification and Quality Identification:

    1) The filling in the door is generally divided into two types: solid and partially solid. Solid fillings are heavy and expensive, while partially solid fillings are relatively light and cheap. If the door needs to have a high standard of fire and sound insulation performance, the price of the door will be even higher.

     2)The sealing strip is directly related to the tightness of the door. The sealing strip is in the contact part of the door casing and the door leaf, and is usually relatively soft. After adding the sealing strip, the problem of a seam after closing the door can be avoided, and the sound insulation of the door can be improved.

     3)A solid wood door does not mean that the door cover and the door leaf use the same solid wood or material. If the solid wood door is made of MDF as a door cover, since it does not contain wood fiber, it will easily foam when exposed to water, which will cause the door frame to deform.