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Important things you need to consider when choosing hotel furniture

Important things you need to consider when choosing hotel furniture

Kevin https://www.zhongsenfurniture.com/ 2022-08-26 16:46:15

Hotel furniture is a kind of engineering project design. Engineering project design refers to the matching design with the indoor environment when undertaking the project, and it is necessary to directly consider the harmony between the indoor function and the environment. The material structure design of the product is closely related to the appearance design. Different material structures affect the appearance of the product more or less, and the requirements of the appearance design in turn restrict the flexible use of materials. So let's discuss important things you need to consider when choosing hotel furniture.


1. Safety

Designers should pay attention to safety, which must be in the first place. Designers should not only choose environmentally friendly materials and design safe and environmentally friendly hotel furniture, but also fully consider fire prevention, theft prevention, and injury prevention. In order to protect the elderly, children and disabled people from harm, the bathroom should use anti-slip floor tiles, set up handrails, the balcony window rail should be higher than 1.2m, the chandelier should be installed tightly, the furniture should be designed with less edges and corners, and no mirrors should be used for large wardrobes. The sliding door should not have sharp angles on the glass table top, the iron decoration should be polished to remove iron thorns, the distance between the stairs and the top surface should ensure that they do not meet when going up and down the stairs, and the distance between the TV cabinet and the sofa should be kept away from more than 3m to protect eyesight, anti-theft doors and windows The choice of the brand should pay attention to the brand, and it should be sturdy and durable, so that the safety can be guaranteed.


2. Scheme

The bidding scheme of the furniture company is generally led by the hotel engineering department and assisted by the guest room department. The hotel engineering department needs to know the actual situation of the general furniture factory, and the bidding plan generally emphasizes the difference between quality and material. In this way, the engineering department will require and supervise the furniture materials and quality.


3. Layout design

If the designer wants to adjust the limited spatial relationship to the most satisfactory level, he needs to design a home plan with complete functions and reasonable layout. It is necessary to properly handle the relationship between people, people and things, and people and the environment, so that personal space and public space can be well arranged.


4. Interior Design
Design companies generally have a complete set of room furniture design plans. The design plans include detailed design drawings, clear requirements for size and modeling details, and clear regulations on material selection and color, and even include material samples or color pictures. The furniture production company should make sample furniture according to the design plan. The drawings of the interior design company require extremely detailed modeling details and furniture finishes, emphasizing the external quality and appearance of the product, and emphasizing the overall coordination between the product and the interior space, but the internal material structure is often less involved. Although it has professional design for guest room furniture, it often lacks the quality control of the product production process.


5. Budget

Low cost and good effect. The designer has to make a cost estimate based on the owner's actual economic ability and the expected investment of the owner to determine the grade and goal of the decoration. After carefully designing the interior decoration plan, various materials are skillfully combined to give full play to the different textures, colors and functions of the materials.