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Principles of hotel decoration design

Principles of hotel decoration design

Kevin https://www.zhongsenfurniture.com/ 2023-03-27 12:02:40

    The hotel furniture decoration design has very strict requirements on the construction party, both in terms of skills and qualifications. We don't think that just decoration can meet the needs of hotel interior decoration. Hotel furniture is a part of interior design. Whether the hotel interior decoration is beautiful or not is closely connected with hotel furniture. Especially in the decoration design of five-star hotels, we should consider the habits of local consumer groups to design the decoration of the entire hotel.

    Hotel furniture decoration should not only pursue luxury and ignore the feelings of consumers. The quality of a hotel furniture decoration depends on the degree of enjoyment of consumers after staying. We need humanized and natural design in hotel decoration in order to provide consumers with a better experience.

    Wall paint, lamps, wallpapers, furniture, doors, etc. must match the overall style. Do not choose expensive materials just because of the pursuit of high-grade luxury, which will waste materials and increase costs. For the design of guest rooms, we must consider the preferences of local consumers, improve the aesthetics, and configure different equipment for different rooms to meet the needs of guests. Only in this way can the overall experience of the hotel be improved.

    The design of the aisle is the easiest but most important part that cannot be ignored. The aisle is the bridge connecting the hotel lobby and the guest rooms. The design style of the aisle must match the style from the hall to the guest rooms. In addition, the aisle should have a quiet atmosphere, which we can express with the lighting design. The lighting should be soft, showing a quiet and comfortable atmosphere.