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Key points you need to know when ordering custom furniture

Key points you need to know when ordering custom furniture

Kevin https://www.zhongsenfurniture.com/ 2022-08-30 11:36:32

The so-called custom furniture, as the name implies, is a furniture product that can be customized according to the consumer's own ideas, according to the style that the owner likes or the decoration style of the whole house. When designing furniture, we should first consider the relationship between the size and placement of the furniture. Customized high-end five-star hotel furniture is a furniture enterprise on the basis of mass production, treats each consumer as a separate market segment, and designs, produces and manufactures consumer personal furniture according to the needs of consumers.

Hotel furniture is an engineering project of the hotel. The design of hotel engineering projects is related to the indoor environment, and it is necessary to directly consider the coordination between indoor functions and the environment. In addition, the style requirements are different according to the star requirements. Nowadays, more and more hotels have begun to choose hotel customization to ensure that the hotel's own environment and furniture are highly compatible. The customization of high-end five-star furniture is very different from the mass production of ordinary furniture on the assembly line, because almost every piece of customized furniture is different, which leads to a great difference in the yield of each piece of wood or board. Strict quality control becomes important in manufacturing customized furniutre.


In the traditional marketing model, hotel furniture companies often follow simple market research, closely follow the current development trend of hotel furniture, and develop and produce hotel furniture. However, the home produced by this assembly line cannot match the decoration of the hotel, that is, the style cannot meet personal preferences. Custom marketing segments the market into individuals, designing hotel furniture according to individual needs. The identity of consumers has changed, and they can participate in the design of furniture.


Ordinary finished furniture is designed for the masses at all levels, but it is difficult to meet the individual needs of some people. Many may have such a feeling that a piece of furniture is very beautiful and harmonious in the exhibition hall, but when it is moved to the home, it is very beautiful and harmonious. Overshadowed, either the size does not match the size of the house space, or the shape and style do not conform to the overall decoration style. In this case, custom furniture is particularly important.


The structure of a piece of furniture plays the role of supporting and dividing the weight and pattern of the whole piece of furniture, so the properties and firmness of its material will directly affect the weight that the furniture can bear and the length of its service life. Therefore, professional furniture manufacturers can not only meet the different needs of consumers for high-end customized furniture, but also provide customers with some design and manufacturing opinions according to the actual needs.