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Hotel custom furniture - How to build a famous brand of hotel furniture

Hotel custom furniture - How to build a famous brand of hotel furniture

Tevin Trinity 2020-08-08 16:14:20
  In the building of a hotel furniture brand design scheme and the whole process of customization, in the design scheme has functional elements to take into account, in addition also has non-material aspects of the main performance, it is one of the unique characteristics of the hotel restaurant suite furniture.In the emphasis on the function and manner of the basic, hotel suite furniture suffers from the following elements of harm.

  1. Semantics of the design scheme and its relative features:

  The traditional properties of materials, the relationship between functions and ways, the characteristics of The Times, and the characteristics of environmental protection all have semantic properties.For example, the replacement of laminated glass, plastic and most metal materials with solid wood is obviously able to complete the "classical" semantic expression, which is more appropriate to express totalitarianism.The expression of displacement is not deficient, but it is generally used to show new culture, art and trends.Its essence is contemporary or postmodern.Appropriate colonization of classical elements can often be made more visible and fashionable than totalitarianism.

  The association of function and means also has semantic function, especially when the function itself is closely related to the period, such as writing desk, TV cabinet, etc.The semantic interaction between semantics and materials results in high visual efficiency.

  Materials play a fundamental role in the semantics of ecological and environmental protection, such as the use of waste materials, acquisition, and the use of recycled green plants for natural materials, which are environmentally friendly in visual effect.Although technological trends are likely to dissolve or hide such semantics, interior designers still have ways of evoking and reminding design solutions.

  2. Key implications:

  Materials can convey certain implication according to engineering construction cases, communication methods, new technologies, etc., or announce technological development, or announce environmental protection;It can mean luxury or simplicity, but it can also mean energy, gentleness and caring.

  3. Perception level:

  Sensory level: Materials can transfer sensation, speaker, touch, taste, etc.New materials are also emerging.Interior designers should be sensitive to the development trend of material science research.Be able to manipulate the feel of materials in a scientific and aesthetic manner.

  To create a hotel furniture famous brand customized architectural engineering design, it is necessary to fully consider this level and elements, will be integrated with the customer's requirements and feelings, in addition to the precise positioning of the hotel restaurant within the scope of design, can create a more detailed hotel furniture engineering project.