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How to buy hotel furniture? What are the rules?

How to buy hotel furniture? What are the rules?

Tevin Trinity 2019-08-23 16:50:41
  How to buy hotel furniture?What are the rules?-- Zhongsen(Trinity) hotel furniture


  1, waterproof and moisture-proof: in hotels and apartment rooms, water and moisture intrusion will often damage the hotel room furniture.The pour of tea, toilet moisture and bath sauna steam diffuse, bath wet towel contact, seasonal climate humidity change, etc., will cause furniture edge exposure, fall off, board surface deformation expansion, veneer crack, foaming, mildew and other problems, so the purchase of furniture should focus on its waterproof and moisture-proof function;

  2, fire prevention, high temperature resistance: lit cigarettes, matches, etc., will cause damage to the surface of the furniture, serious even cause a fire, furniture fire retardant performance can not be ignored;

  3, wear-resisting: the regular utensils in the guest room, such as telephone, ashtray, tea cup, desk lamp, flower pot, laptop computer, suitcase, electric heating water heater, etc., may scratch the surface of the furniture in daily use, thus affecting the effective life of the furniture.The abrasion resistance of furniture is an important factor to determine the effective life of furniture.

  4, environmental protection: furniture materials, such as particle board, fiber board, glue, paint, etc., will release harmful gas to human body.Hotel and apartment rooms are relatively airtight, and the air irritating eyes and nose will directly affect the room occupancy rate. The environmental protection of furniture has become an important factor for modern guests to choose the hotel.

  5. style and design: the style and style of furniture should be in harmony with the decoration style, avoiding simple decoration with luxurious furniture or luxurious decoration with low-end furniture;The selection of furniture should take into account the geographical location of the hotel and apartment, customer group orientation, room pricing and investment restrictions, etc., should focus on the preferences and consumption concepts of the guests, and make up for the lack of construction and decoration with the reasonable design of furniture and product style, so as to improve the grade and characteristics of the hotel.

  6, an investment and value of time: in order to ensure not affect guest because of furniture of aging and damage of occupancy, the choice of furniture, besides considering an investment costs should be considered at the same time a decorate furniture repeated accumulative total investment in the process of operation, should choose not to need to repeat investment also can keep the appearance of good quality, high cost performance products, at the same time to furniture company's warranty time should also be given consideration.