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Trinity makes 3 big principles of 5 star hotel furniture

Trinity makes 3 big principles of 5 star hotel furniture

Tevin Trinity 2019-08-23 11:57:23

  First of all, we carry outthe hotel furniture decoration design, in the hope that designers can come upwith a perfect functional, advanced facilities, convenient to use, safe and healthy,warm and comfortable living environment in a limited space, to meet ourmaterial and spiritual needs.Want to reach this goal, home outfit design must follow "safe,applicable, beautiful, economic" principle.The real hotel furniture art modeling, servicefunctions and manufacturing technology content and other elements to show.Hotelfurniture decoration to have artistic and ornamental a home decoration designif you want to have a strong personality color, to achieve the harmony andharmony of common beauty and personality beauty.So, stylist must want toconsider the individual character specialty of every member of the familyadequately, interest interest, culture accomplishment, these factors and homeoutfit vogue, tide are integrated analysis, make the artistic technique such asmodelling, adornment, design, colour is in harmony in the style.Display the cultural value of thehotel in the style.


  1, safety: stylist shouldtake the safety of the life that occupy the home seriously to undertake homeoutfit design, safe element must be placed in the first place.Designersnot only to choose environmental protection materials, design safeenvironmental protection hotel furniture, but also fully consider fireprevention, theft prevention, injury prevention.To protect the elderly,children, people with disabilities from harm, toilet should be chosen preventslippery floor tile, set up handrail, balcony window bar is higher than 1.2 m,install droplight to tighten, edge Angle, less less furniture design to do bigcloset door, do not use mirrors, glass mesa don't appear acute Angle, wroughtiron decorative polished to remove iron thorns, and the distance of the stairsand end face to ensure that don't meet the stairs, TV ark and sofa distanceaway from the more than 3 m, best to protect your vision, the selection ofanti-theft doors and Windows should pay attention to the brand, to be strongand durable, and so on.Through a series of protective measures designed to ensuresafety.

  2, applicable: zhongsenhotel furniture customization manufacturers to maximize to meet the owners ofthe bedroom use function designer want to adjust the limited space relationshipto the most satisfactory degree, design a functional, reasonable layout of thehome program.It is necessary to correctly handle the relationship between people,people and things, and between people and the environment, so that theindividual of family members alone dominate space and public enjoy space arrangementsthoughtful and appropriate, so that the bedroom becomes the anticipated life,work, learning and entertainment environment space.

  3, the economy: lessmoney, good effect designers have to according to the owners of the actualeconomic capacity, in the owners of the expected investment cost framecalculation, to determine the class and target of home decoration.After careful design, various materials are cleverly combined togive full play to the advantages of different textures, colors and sexualabilities of materials, so as to achieve the goal of less money and more work.