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To create quality star hotel furniture, starting from the selection of materials!

To create quality star hotel furniture, starting from the selection of materials!

Tevin Trinity 2019-08-23 16:15:36

  Hotel furniture is a kind of engineering project design,engineering project design is to undertake engineering projects with indoorenvironment supporting design, need to directly consider the harmony of indoorfunction and environment.Hotel furniture design scheme has been emphaticallydiscussed is the premise of clear, according to the actual situation of theenterprise production without affecting the function of the product, appearanceand other related requirements under the premise of the existing design moredecomposition, according to the factory process and material properties, theproducts in a reasonable, efficient structural design, to reasonable use ofmaterial, as a product of high quality low cost for technical discussion.

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  The material structure design of products is closely related tothe appearance design. Different material structures more or less affect theappearance effect of products, and the requirements of appearance design inturn restrict the flexible use of materials.Hotels of different grades havedifferent requirements for this aspect, and high-grade hotels have very strictrequirements for the selection of materials.Corresponding grade hotel hascorresponding hotel furniture acceptance standards.So first let us analyze theformation of hotel furniture scheme and different levels of hotel furnitureacceptance procedures.

  Hotel furniture generallyincludes guest room furniture, dining furniture, public space furniture,conference furniture and so on.Guest room furniture is divided intostandard room furniture, suite furniture, presidential suite furniture.Here focuses onthe hotel furniture in the proportion of the heaviest room furniture.

The formation of guest room furniture designscheme generally has the following types:

1. Design scheme formulated by professional hotel interiordesign company.

  Professional hotelinterior design company is general design of a complete set of guest roomfurniture, luxury five-star hotels are generally ask professional hotelinterior design company to design, design with detailed design drawings, have cleardetails of the size and shape of the demand, the material selection, material,color have specific provision, even small sample in the attached material orcolor images.Hotelaccording to the bidding furniture company's understanding of the design schemeand design details requirements to make sample furniture, bidding furniturecompany's actual production capacity, supply guarantee, price cost and othercomprehensive factors, to determine the winning company, and sample furnituresealed samples.The drawings of professional hotel interior design companiesare extremely detailed on modeling details, furniture decoration requirements,relatively internal material structure is often less involved, emphasizing theexternal quality of products and appearance modeling, emphasizing the overallcoordination of products and interior space.Although there is aprofessional design for guest rooms, but often lack of professional supervisionof the production process and finished products.

2. Formed scheme.

  The proposal formed by the furniture company's bidding isgenerally led by the hotel engineering department and assisted by thehousekeeping department.The hotel engineering department is familiar with theactual situation of general furniture factories. The bidding scheme formed inthis way generally emphasizes the difference in price and material structure,and the modeling scheme is designed and provided by the manufacturerhimself.Hotel according to the manufacturer's bidding furniture samples todetermine the design scheme.In this way, the engineering department willgenerally require and supervise the structure of furniture materials.

3. Design plan made by the owner.

  General small hotel like to use this way, consume less energyand material resources, more direct and simple, take a fancy to furniturecompany which furniture sample or choose some furniture from other ways, letfurniture company bidding, the price is right after the start ofproduction.This approach tends to emphasize the price factor.

1) appearance quality.

  Appearance quality requires furniture mesa level off, fine work,delicate decoration, texture clear and beautiful.The guest room furnitureusually USES particleboard, medium density fiberboard, joinery board, laminateand so on as the base material, USES the thin wood, the wood veneer, the threeplywood as the cladding material.The material properties of differentsubstrates and cladding materials are not the same, and the improper use ofmaterials and methods will often lead to the buckling of the plate.Thestructural characteristics of the back and front cladding materials of theplate must be the same or similar. The moisture content of the base material isgenerally required to be 6~10%. The selected materials should be in the samebatch as far as possible.In workshop processing, try to shorten the time ofloading and press, different material properties, different coating materialmoisture content, pay attention to different glue thickness, press time andpressure.

2) structural strength

  Guest room furniture for fixed furniture, the general structureof the main board, wood screws, hardware connector and adhesive as jointmode.In the use of materials should pay attention to different materialcharacteristics, such as particleboard, density board grip force is poor, avoidusing in the need for frequent activities or strong grip force parts, such asdoor hinge screw parts, pull rail bottom rail screw parts, easy to loosen andproduce sound.Hardware on bed screen, picture frame wall hangs a place toshould notice especially or replace consolidate with lumber.

3) material cost

  Use low-cost materials asfar as possible when meeting the same requirements. Pay attention to the use ofthe same small pieces of materials while using large pieces of materials, andcomprehensively improve the utilization rate of the plate.Guestroom furniture general quantity is big, as far as possible USES the computerreasonable arrangement material, the block material and the small blockmaterial comprehensive utilization, reduces the material cost.Differentstructure, pay attention to the material cost comparison.

4) efficient production

  At the same material cost, which kind of material is easy toprocess, which kind of process can save the process cost and improve theefficiency, especially in the end milling, carving and carving process, whichkind of material is easy to cut, easy to smooth and clean.

5) transportation and installation

  Hotel floors are generally higher, requiring lightweightfurniture for transport.In particular, some of the bed back, some extendeddesk, elevator can not transport, freight elevator in general furnitureinstallation has been removed, how to transport safety, from the materialweight and structure needs special consideration.

6) safety performance

  General hotel does not have a clear formaldehyde free amount ofprovisions, but there are furniture fire requirements in the hotel allowedunder the circumstances of some parts can be used fire board, anti-hot paint,flame-retardant fabrics.High-end hotels even require wood made from furnitureto be fireproofed.

  These factors need considering cross use in practice, thefunction of the furniture modelling detail and furniture business, reasonablematerial structure and the workshop process arrangement has the interactiverelationship, try to make the production not only conform to the requirementsof the hotel guest room furniture, and efficient production, reduce cost, usethe specialized processing technology, processing equipment, the production ofhigh-grade hotel furniture is in line with people-oriented comfortrequirements.