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Hotel furniture - how to distinguish the high-grade sofa fabric

Hotel furniture - how to distinguish the high-grade sofa fabric

Tevin 2020-05-21 10:23:28
  In a lot of five-star hotels, we can see a lot of high-grade sofa, and as an important part of the high-grade sofa fabric, but also in recent years just emerged a sofa fabric, at the same time it is in China's scientific and technological progress after the launch of an important fabric, and widely recognized by people's products.Among them high-grade sofa cloth belongs to among them quality high-grade of a kind, so the high-grade sand that makes furniture of five-star hotel is released what kind, we will understand together.


  According to the composition of raw materials: cotton, linen, chemical fiber.And there are many kinds of chemical fiber, including polyester, acrylic, viscose, rayon and so on.A lot of chemical fiber fabrics are a mixture of several ingredients.As for silk and wool, they are very rare.

  Classification by yarn type: there are spinning suede, chenille, etc.Suede is a kind of fabric that looks like suede. It is made of all polyester, which is very popular on the market.Chenille is a thick, shaggy yarn that is called chenille cloth.There are many kinds of ingredients, polyester, viscose can be made into chenille.This kind of cloth is more thick, the style is more straightforward.At present, it is also more popular in the market.

  To sum up, there are a lot of high-grade sofa fabric classification, it is completely according to different attributes of the line classification, but in fact, as long as we like this high-grade sofa fabric, it does not matter which category it belongs to.Of course, there is a point we can not ignore, five-star hotel furniture high-grade sand will usually be better quality, the use of cloth will be compared with other high-grade cloth some high-grade, a variety of reasons to create high-grade sofa fabric price has been in a high position.