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dubai hotel bedroom furniture luxury manufacturer - hotel furniture soft decoration design

dubai hotel bedroom furniture luxury manufacturer - hotel furniture soft decoration design

Tevin Trinity hotel furniture 2020-05-22 11:41:43
  The soft decoration in the hotel is the soul of the hotel, and a good soft decoration design can play a role in improving the effect to a certain extent.

  Selection of hotel furniture

1. The design style, total amount and style of the furniture will do great harm to the space of the hotel restaurant. Under certain conditions, it will lead to the imbalance of the space.In the layout of the hotel furniture, we can allocate some places in the necessary areas, such as the service hall, the corridor, the elevator to place some places, so as to make the space more harmonious.

2. The effect of furniture segmentation space, furniture can divide the space into a number of relativity alone part, make the space more texture, therefore they have different application role.

3. Building space atmosphere. Hotel furniture plays a key role in the atmosphere and atmosphere of the natural environment of the building space.Different methods of furniture, materials and furniture overall planning design style has its own characteristics, so the requirements according to the space requirements to choose.

  Second, the type of furniture is considered as follows:

1. Wooden furniture, now new Chinese style, courtyard, modern Chinese style are used to obtain this kind of furniture, hotel rooms overall planning is also slowly applied, wooden furniture is made of pure natural, simple, pure natural color, a variety of appearance, durable, hand moistening, with high artistic value and ornamental.

2. Plastic furniture, plastic furniture is light, easy to manufacture, surface moistening, a variety of colors, in the hotel restaurant and restaurant overall planning space of the public part of a large market share.

3. Bamboo weaving, which can be described as the handicraft of the older generation, is also handed down from generation to generation. It is lighter in weight, diversified in appearance and lighter in weight.

  Third, the dynamic design of the hotel lobby is also very important.

  Hotel lobby is the face of all hotel restaurants, is the key work of interior decoration design, the lobby of the interior space atmosphere decision of the overall actual effect of the hotel restaurant.