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Hotel furniture-installation knowledge of hotel fixed furniture

Hotel furniture-installation knowledge of hotel fixed furniture

Tevin www.zhongsenfurniture.com 2021-11-07 11:56:50
Hotel furniture-installation knowledge of hotel fixed furniture

The installation level of hotel fixed furniture directly affects the appearance and use of hotel fixed furniture.Now,Guangdong Zhongsen Hotel Furniture Custom Factory will make a simple description of the installation of hotel fixed furniture,so that more people can understand the hotel.Fixed furniture.The detailed design and installation methods of hotel fixed furniture are as follows:

1.The hotel's fixed furniture materials are in place.First,check whether the size of the hotel's fixed furniture materials meets the needs of the site.For the convenience of factory production,the fixed wood veneer generally adopts the method of lengthening on the side against the wall,and also reduces the fixed furniture.A way to deal with mistakes in placing an order in an installation design.

2.Cutting of hotel fixed furniture materials:

The size of the air-conditioning vent is opened according to the on-site situation,and the opened size is 700*170.The air-conditioning vents of each hotel are different and cannot be generalized.Cutting the protruding position of the wall shall be carried out according to the actual size,and shall not be too large or too small.Measure whether the heights of the left and right sides are the same to prevent the on-site ceiling or ceiling from tilting.If there is a large difference between 1 and 2 in height,if it exceeds 5mm,you need to trim the upper edge of the furniture material to ensure the furniture installation. Perfect.

3.On-site grassroots treatment:

Fixing small wooden strips is used to fix the wood veneer on site according to local conditions.