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Maintenance methods and principles of hotel furniture

Maintenance methods and principles of hotel furniture

Kevin www.zhongsenfurniture.com 2022-07-25 10:59:53

There are all kinds of people coming and going to and from the hotel every day, so hotel furniture needs to pay more attention to cleaning and maintenance to reduce our secondary consumption, especially star-rated hotels, which use high-grade furniture, so it is necessary to maintain hotel furniture. more important.


For the hotel fixed furniture, it should be placed in a stable place, otherwise the force on the furniture will be uneven and the furniture will be deformed and out of shape, and the door switch of the combination cabinet will be hindered.


Attention should be paid to the acid-base liquid when baking varnished furniture, which will corrode the surface of the lacquer and affect the normal use of the furniture. If oil is sprinkled on it, it must be treated immediately, which will cause differences in surface color over time.


In addition, do not place hotel furniture in a place where the sun is refracted, it is often exposed to the sun, and soon the hotel furniture will have the paint film fading, and the metal fittings of the hotel furniture will also be oxidized and deteriorated, and the wood is easy to be brittle, directly reducing the hotel furniture. service life. In summer, we can put down the curtains in the hotel room, or use curtains with strong light protection.


Furthermore, do not clean hotel furniture with soapy water or clean water: soapy water cannot effectively remove dust accumulated on the surface of hotel furniture, nor can it remove polished fine sand particles, but will make hotel furniture dull and dull, and if moisture penetrates into It can also cause mildew or local deformation in the wood, thereby reducing its service life.


Finally, maintain the humidity in the hotel room, do not let the hotel furniture get wet, let alone dry the hotel furniture, this is a very important aspect of hotel furniture maintenance. In spring and autumn, humidifiers should be limited in time to prevent excessive humidity damage to furniture, such as corrosion of metal parts, decay of wooden furniture, and so on.