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When choosing dining furniture, you should consider comfort and beauty

When choosing dining furniture, you should consider comfort and beauty

Kevin www.zhongsenfurniture.com 2022-07-26 11:40:41

With the continuous progress of society, many restaurants in life do not understand very well when choosing dining furniture. And we have to think of the space pattern that suits us when choosing a dining table, chair and sofa. To achieve the effect you want, if your restaurant is defined as Chinese. Certainly can not use Western-style dining furniture, this is also an example. It means that you have to choose the right one for you.


When choosing dining furniture, it is necessary to take into account the comfort and beauty. There are many styles of dining furniture, but as far as dining tables are concerned, square tables and round tables are commonly used in China. In recent years, oval long round tables are also more popular. The dining chairs that match the dining table generally do not have armrests, which are traditionally called "lamp hanging chairs". This shape is very suitable for eating, because people don't need to fold their hands when eating, and it is more convenient without armrests. . Dining furniture should pay attention to the style collocation. The shapes and colors of the dining table and dining chairs should be coordinated and consistent with the style of the entire restaurant.


In the arrangement of dining furniture, avoid patchwork, so as not to make people look messy and not systematic. Secondly, pay attention to the height of the chairs beside the dining table. If it is too low or too high, you will feel uncomfortable when eating. Sitting for a long time will make your back and feet hurt. The height of the dining chair is generally about 42cm, for the sake of comfort. Hotel fixed furniture manufacturers will provide consumers with upholstery with a thickness of about 5cm. In this way, it is not only classic but also very comfortable to use.


Dining furniture is the most overlooked feature. People will be impressed by those distinctive restaurants, so when opening a restaurant, you must try to make your own characteristics. But people's focus on features is on restaurant space decoration, dishes, tableware or services. Of course, these are also the basis for running a good restaurant, but as the dining furniture (dining table, dining table and chairs, sofa) that is closely related to customers, it is often ignored by us intentionally or unintentionally.


In fact, the role of dining furniture is not only to meet the needs of customers when they are dining. We often say that details determine success or failure. To open a restaurant well, dining tables, chairs, and dining tables are always surrounded by hidden factors in terms of design and planning. If there is no certain knowledge and experience, the design and placement of furniture shapes in the restaurant. It will adversely affect customers and the dining atmosphere of the restaurant.