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What are the most noteworthy points of hotel furniture customization?

What are the most noteworthy points of hotel furniture customization?

Kevin www.zhongsenfurniture.com 2022-08-03 11:00:04

Unconsciously, hotel furniture customization has been imitated by more and more hotels. Tailor-made furniture is not only more in line with the hotel's own aesthetics, but also can improve the efficiency of the hotel's use of home furnishing.


Hotel furniture customization further divides consumers, and designs various colors, styles and novel products according to personal tastes and characteristics. This novel design concept meets the individual needs of current people. General furniture is mass-produced, and the styles are the same, while hotel furniture can be customized according to various attribute parameters of the furniture, that is, the cost of the furniture can be controlled, and when the cost is too high, it can be reduced.


1. Compare the production process of hotel custom furniture
The front edge of high-quality furniture is even and smooth, and the hand feel is good. The sealing edge is closely attached to the board, and there is no trace of glue. Poorly made furniture, the edges are uneven, the paint surface is often patent leather, and the connection parts are easy to shake.


2. Compare materials
Hotel furniture usually uses logs as raw materials. High-quality solid wood panels have certain advantages in mechanical strength, environmental protection, moisture resistance, deformation stability, etc., and will also provide great convenience for the use and maintenance of furniture in the future.


At present, the materials commonly used to make furniture include board, solid wood and board-wood combination. Among the hotel fixed-installation furniture, solid wood hotel furniture has the highest customized price; followed by board-wood combination; of course, the current furniture is not a stubborn pursuit of all-solid wood, board-wood combination. The furniture can also achieve the effect of environmental protection and practicality.


3. Compare hardware accessories
Good hardware and quality wood make custom furniture more durable. There are many kinds of hardware accessories in furniture in my country. The hardware accessories used for furniture connection mainly include guide rails, hinges, door panels, etc. The number of linkages is directly related to the service life of the furniture.


4. Customized style of hotel furniture
What are the precautions that you need to know about hotel furniture customization? This will bring you an introduction to hotel furniture customization style. At present, the more common customized styles of hotel furniture include Mediterranean, Chinese style, Korean pastoral, European pastoral, European minimalist, neoclassical, American classical and American pastoral style, etc. Various styles create different living spaces to meet the needs of different consumers .


However, the furniture style and decoration in a room should be unified, so as to ensure the coordination of the overall space, so as not to make the products abrupt, which will bring bad feelings to the people who come to stay.


5. Hotel furniture customization function
In the process of customizing hotel furniture, not only the appearance design requirements are very strict, but also to use various reasonable space designs to increase the internal storage space or add other functions to make it very usable. Designers can be required to pay more attention to practicality in product design, and at the same time, they can also add a little humanized design, so that the furniture can show many charms in the details, so as to bring comfort to the people who come to stay.