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Important tips for purchasing western restaurant furniture

Important tips for purchasing western restaurant furniture

Kevin https://www.zhongsenfurniture.com/ 2022-08-10 12:00:30

The hotel's fixed furniture western restaurant is a very sentimental place. We can enjoy the food and feel the atmosphere of the western restaurant. In fact, to be different from Chinese restaurants, Western restaurants will put a lot of effort into decoration. For example, in the selection of some lamps, western restaurants generally choose some lamps with soft light to make the guests look more atmosphere. In addition, the choice of convenient furniture is also very important. Perhaps the furniture chosen by Asian restaurants is mainly wooden furniture, but the choice of Western restaurants is completely different.


The first thing to do is to determine how big the dining area is. If the area is large, you can choose a dining table with a heavy feeling to match the space; if the area of ​​the restaurant is limited and the number of diners is uncertain, the number of diners may increase during holidays. It is recommended that you choose the most common style on the market - the retractable dining table, that is, there is a movable plate in the middle, which can be put in the middle of the table or taken down when not in use. Don't buy an extra-large one for parties only three or four times a year. 


Secondly, you can choose according to the overall style of the room. If the room is luxuriously decorated, the dining table should choose the corresponding style, such as the classical European style; if the style of the room emphasizes simplicity, you can consider buying a style with a glass countertop that is simple and elegant.


The most basic shape of the sofa in the western restaurant lies in the curvature of the armrest and the curve of the backrest, but the final perfect effect can only be presented by choosing the appropriate fabric and workmanship style. This is the simplest style. The backrest is firmly framed, without any skirts and extra parts, just a simple arc to accentuate the shape, plus a little ruffle on the edge of the armrest or backrest. The furniture is not upholstered at all, neither on the back nor the seat. This approach works perfectly for the wooden legs of the sofa, either curved or straight, or other attractive shapes.


Trims or fringes are very functional, covering up not-so-pretty sofa legs and also creating a unique touch. We recommends that you add some fringes, or embellish a fringe on the simple skirt, which will create a more luxurious, rich and orthodox momentum.