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Hotel furniture moisture-proof knowledge

Hotel furniture moisture-proof knowledge

Kevin https://www.zhongsenfurniture.com/ 2022-08-11 11:23:01

Hotel furniture will be affected by different degrees of moisture due to the steam in the tea room, the long-term moisture in the bathroom, the accumulation of wet towels and towels, and the change of wet seasons, which will not only damage the exposed surface of the hotel furniture, but also make the board Surface bending, expansion, deformation, decay, etc., which is not conducive to the long-term use of hotel furniture. There is a lot of rain in spring and summer, and furniture should be protected from moisture. Many furniture are affected by mold and dampness. The air is dry in autumn and winter, and the furniture should also pay attention to prevent drying and cracking. Hotel furniture directly affects customer satisfaction with the hotel, so in spring and summer, how should hotel furniture be moisture-proof?


In addition to the moisture-proof maintenance methods of different furniture materials for hotel fixed furniture, hotel furniture chooses furniture with better materials to reduce the maintenance cost of furniture and provide customers with high-quality services more efficiently. If the hotel furniture is solid wood furniture, the damp situation may not be too serious, but it cannot be ignored. You can put bamboo charcoal moisture-proof bag desiccant and so on first. When the weather is hot in summer, it is better to keep it under the sun for a long time, otherwise it will crack or deform. But if the furniture is damp, you should open the windows to ventilate, keep the air dry, remove the water droplets on the furniture surface with a clean soft cloth and remove the mold with detergent.


Put the charcoal bag and the desiccant. The charcoal bag and the desiccant are relatively small in size, suitable for small areas such as wardrobes, desk corners, wall corners and drawers, which can absorb part of the water vapor. After a period of use, the materials in the carbon package and desiccant will reach saturation after being used for a period of time, so remember to replace them in time.


Hotel leather furniture such as sofas, if left in the humid air for a long time, the aging speed of the leather will be accelerated. You should use an absorbent towel to absorb the moisture on the sofa surface in time, and use a fan to speed up the air flow around the sofa. After absorbing the moisture on the surface of the sofa, apply special leather surface, lanolin, etc. in time, which can soften the leather and prolong the use time.


Hotel fabric furniture, its style is fashionable and casual, which is more popular among the public. But for fabric furniture, you should pay attention to the work of dust and dust removal, because in humid weather, it is more likely to get moldy if there is a lot of dust. Therefore, use a special vacuum cleaner for fabric sofas to keep the surface clean, and then use a clean and absorbent sofa to remove mildew and excess water on the surface.


The maintenance and moisture-proof methods of furniture of different materials are also different. For example, if the hotel furniture is leather furniture. It is necessary to apply wallet maintenance oil in advance, and apply a protective layer to the furniture before the wet weather, which can not only prevent moisture but also maintain the original color of the furniture. However, if there are moldy spots and mildew, it should be cleaned with a mildew remover first, and then applied with leather maintenance oil.


In addition to the above methods to reduce the humidity in the air, another point is to open the windows for ventilation, so that the indoor humid air can be discharged. If the room is kept damp all the time, it will cause damage to the furniture.