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Hotel furniture - Oil stains on furniture are common, but cleaning them requires skill.

Hotel furniture - Oil stains on furniture are common, but cleaning them requires skill.

Tevin Trinity 2020-07-05 11:33:19
  Explains how to clean hotel furniture when it encounters oil stains.

  Before we choose the hotel, we will pay attention to the environment inside the hotel, and the hotel furniture facilities.The hotel furniture of the advanced suite is the most important priority. Here, Zhongsen teaches you how to clean and maintain:

  People should not be arbitrary to your furniture, sometimes you want to make your furniture better and more beautiful, but often good intentions do bad things.Do you wipe the furniture with a table cloth?That's not right.Furniture stains are made of fiber, sand and silica, and many people use dry rags to clean and wipe furniture surfaces.But those particles that we're talking about are solid, and they rub back and forth, and they damage the furniture's paint.Although these scratches are very small, or even invisible to the naked eye, but the drip of water wears away the stone, the surface of the furniture over time will be very dark, far less bright than before.

  Do you often use dishwashing liquid to clean the furniture at home?The product such as detergent, dishwashing essence cannot remove the dust that accumulates in furniture surface effectively not only, also cannot remove the dust particle before polishing, and because they have certain erosive sex, say to furniture old so very dangerous.In the meantime if water molecule permeates wood, still can bring about lumber to become moldy or local be out of shape, shorten service life.A lot of furniture is made with a machine called fibreboard, and once it gets in the water, the consequences can be serious.A few years ago because formaldehyde and other additives have not been completely volatilized will not have much of a thing.But once the additives evaporate, the moisture from the damp cloth can cause mold.If you happen to live on a lower floor, the furniture is likely to get mouldy every year when it rains.Ah, if so, furniture in your hands not only will not function and will greatly reduce life expectancy, must keep the above knowledge in mind!