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Modern Hotel furniture - Why is hotel furniture waxed regularly

Modern Hotel furniture - Why is hotel furniture waxed regularly

Tevin Trinity 2020-07-08 15:01:34
  Why wax modern hotel furniture?Wax can not only help hotel furniture locks in moisture,also can prevent moisture penetration of moisture,play a very good protection effect of hotel furniture,prolong the service life of hotel furniture,regular hotel furniture factory will give customers a maintenance manual,there is one, to remind the customer to custom-made furniture wax, but when we use in hotel furniture, often overlooked, think it would belong to maintain clean, now let's talk why hotel furniture wax.

  Prevent cracking: The wax layer on the surface of hotel suite furniture can prevent moisture loss in the wood and avoid cracking of hotel furniture due to air conditioning in hotel rooms and direct sunlight.

  Moistureproof and waterproof: Hotel rooms are designed with their own bathrooms, which also leads to the heavy moisture in the hotel rooms, especially after a hot bath, moisture in the room, once immersed in the hotel furniture, it is easy to lead to furniture deformation.Waxing hotel furniture can create a protective layer on the surface to avoid moisture intrusion.

  Pest control: Hotel furniture maintenance wax itself is a chemical substance, has the function of sterilization and pest control, and forms an antibacterial film on the surface of the hotel furniture, reduce the damage of bacteria and fungi to the hotel furniture.